Desert Safari Dubai | Dubai Desert Safari | Desert Safari in Dubai

Desert Safari Dubai | Dubai Desert Safari | Desert Safari in Dubai
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Desert Safari Dubai in UAE

Do you want to experience some landscapes that you may have left behind the skyscrapers? Are you frustrated with your regular routine life? If so, then yes, experiencing the Desert Safari Dubai is one of the most amazing and best choices that you can ever make. It is one of the best and most enjoying tourists’ spots where a number of visitors usually come every year to enjoy their vacations by making them more special and memorable. Don’t search here and there and just start creating your own memories by making them last forever.

Have you ever heard about the Desert Safari Dubai? No? You must be aware of the same as it leads to the topmost attractions in the entire United Arab Emirates. It is one of the best destinations which are proven for providing the excellent services by capturing millions of hearts all over the world. If you ever want to visit Dubai then you must not miss this Desert Safari Dubai which is the mainstream of the tourists in the entire Dubai.

desert safari dubai

What are the activities included in Desert Safari Dubai?

Obviously, if you love traveling then you must be very well aware of the modern city named as Dubai, right? It is a city which has gained a lot much of importance in the trade as well as in tourism sector. Not only this, but this place is also known for its amazing destinations for shopping, partying, dining, corporate events and other thrilling activities as well. You may get a number of different places to visit in Dubai but yes, Desert Safari Dubai is one of the best destinations which provide you the excellent services within your budget and with a lot of fun and enjoyment. Are you confused about the activities being happened there? If so, then don’t just get worried as you can enjoy the dune bashing, henna painting, BBQ dinner, quad biking, camel riding, and much more. Just have a look at some of these activities in detail-

  • Dune bashing by 4×4 land cruiser

Do you want to make your vacations more special in Dubai? Yes? If so, then yes, Dune Bashing is one of the most amazing activities to do in Dubai. It is a great adventure and if you love adventures then don’t just think and make your desires come true. What is it actually? It is an adventurous activity in which you as a rider will slide up and down in the 4×4 land cruiser by the sand dunes. You will surely get a pleasant and safe experience at the golden sand of Dune Bashing with an air-conditioned vehicle and be driven by the experts. If you love thrilling then just go for the Dune Bashing without thinking even twice. Here, is the activity where you can also enjoy photography.

  • Camel ride

Camel rides are often famous in the desert areas, right? It is one of the most adventurous activities to enjoy in the Dubai Desert Safari as a camel is known as the ship of the desert. You can enjoy having numerous photography sessions here during your camel rides.  You can enjoy the camel ride during the sunset so as to get more thrilling experience.

  • Sand boarding

Have you ever experienced the golden sand of the desert? If no, then you must experience it for at least once where Sand Boarding is one of the most pleasant and thrilling activities to enjoy your Dubai Trip. You can get a fabulous experience by experiencing the adventurous sand surfing so as to explore the most beautiful areas of the Dubai Desert.

  • Sunset photography

Everyone loves photography in this modern era and when it comes to this, everyone wants a perfect place having the best background, right? What about the Dubai Desert Safari? Yes, it is all about enjoying your Dubai Trip with the best possible services having the amazing experience of sunset photography which you can get during your camel rides.

  • BBQ Dinner

Visiting different areas or places in Dubai throughout the day can make you feel tired at the end, right? What after this? Obviously, you would like to have some delicious dinner? Your entire day can be made more special by having the yummy BBQ Dinner at the end where you can taste the food of Arab in a totally different style. Do you know about the BBQ? Yes, it is a kind of buffet dinner in which you will get the delicious delicacies of veg and non-veg meals.

  • Welcome Snacks – Dubai Shawarma and Falafel Special

If you are planning to visit Dubai then you must not miss your chance to visit the Desert Safari Dubai where you can enjoy different thrilling activities with the most delicious welcome snacks as well. This Welcome Snacks offer is also known as the Dubai Shawarma and Falafel Special.

What are Entertaining Programs are Available at Desert Safari Dubai?

Desert Safari in Dubai is one of the preferable destinations for the travelers from all around the world. Here is the perfect place where you can enjoy a number of entertaining programs to relieve all your regular stress or worries instantly. Don’t you want to know about such Entertaining Programs are Available at Desert Safari Dubai? Yes? If so, then yes, you can really enjoy numerous entertaining programs including the belly dance, Tanura dance shows, henna paintings, or Arabic traditional dresses as well. Just have a look at these activities in detail at Desert Safari Dubai.

  • Belly dance show

Dancing is always being the favorite of a huge crowd of people and they may become more excited when it comes to the belly dancing. It is the exciting and more enjoyable western dance style which is usually performed by the female dancers in the desert areas. Your trip to Dubai may be incomplete without experiencing the most amazing belly dancing which can easily relax your mind.

  • Tanoura dance show

Have you ever experienced the Tanoura Dance? If no, then you must experience this popular folk dance form in the Arab. It is a kind of dance style in which the male dancers perform in a group. The male dancers usually wear the colorful skirts during this dance show. Viewing the Tanoura Dance Show can make you relaxed with a pleasant experience.

  • Henna painting

A number of tourists who visit Dubai every year usually like the Henna Tattooing or Paintings as it is an oldest traditional art especially famous for the females. They feel their hands were painted with the most beautiful colors and unique designs. This is an activity which is easily available at different places in Dubai. It is one of the best-budgeted activities that you can ever enjoy during your Dubai Trip.

  • Arabic Traditional dress

You can have a great photography session Desert Safari Dubai by wearing the most amazing Arabic Traditional Dress. Wearing this unique and different styled dress can provide you an amazing happiness and this is the actual reason, that you must try this for at least once during your Trip to Dubai. Traditional dresses have become older but still, they have their unique importance and significance and thus, you can get a chance to experience the same in Dubai Desert Safari.

  • Quad bike

Quad Biking is very much famous in the Desert Safari Dubai areas and it is also reckoned as one of the greatest and best ways to have the wonderful and more thrilling experiences during your journey or vacations. You can now make your vacations more thrilling and memorable with this Quad Biking activity. If you are a curious traveler then yes, it is going to be a more enthralling activity for you.

Where can you Enjoy Desert Safari Dubai?

If you are bored from your regular routine then yes, you can try having the unique, mysterious, and amazing experiences of the Desert Safari Dubai. It is one of the most popular tourist activities of the visitors which can add different skills into them with such an amazing view of the sunset. Not only this, but you can also enjoy experiencing the artistic henna painting and enjoying camel rides as well. Do you like the belly dancing? If so, then you can go for the Tanoura Show which is highly famous for belly dancing activities. If you are a food lover then you can also enjoy the most delicious BBQ dinner. Apart from this, you can also enjoy the beautiful view of nightlife here at the Desert Safari in Dubai by experiencing the vivid and inspiring the world-class live shows including the Live Belly Dance, Tanoura Dance Show, Fire Show, and numerous other entertaining shows.

You can also enjoy the Desert Safari Dubai Camp with the new faces under the beautiful view of twinkling stars at night. Don’t you want to enjoy camping in the most beautiful nightlife in Dubai? Yes? Why are you delaying then? No, you need not wait anymore when you have a number of options to plan your Dubai Trip with the best Dubai Desert Safari to have a more enjoying and thrilling vacation of a lot of fun and entertainment.

How much Desert Safari Dubai Price?

The prices for Desert Safari Dubai may vary according to the different requirements of the tourists. What type of requirements? These requirements may vary depending upon the time duration. You may get numerous different offers on availing the desert safari Dubai at different prices from lower to higher or higher to lower. The charges or prices for Desert safari Dubai price with Quad Bike, this amazing and thrilling activity may be either low if you opt for the option of 20 minutes duration or higher if you opt for the 30 minutes duration and goes on increasing with the increased duration. Have a look at some of these available offers-

  • You can get the best Desert Safari Dubai for 45 minutes including dune bashing desert safari Dubai ride by 4×4 Land cruisers on high red dunes. It is reckoned as the perfect desert safari Dubai package for the tourists who want to make their vacation being exciting as it is available within an affordable price range.
  • You can also have the minimum 30 minutes services for only Quad Biking where you can enjoy the biking in the bash dunes in a 4×4 area. It is reckoned as one of the most thrilling activities in Dubai Desert.
  • You may also get numerous other options with the 30 minutes, 1 hour, or 2-hour duration offers but yes, the price may vary from options to options. You can thus choose the best option according to your own budget and preferences.


Which is the Most Famous Desert Safari Dubai Tour Operator for Booking?

Are you confused while choosing the best and most famous Desert Safari Dubai Tour Operator for Booking? You may surely get confused as there are a number of different choices available in the entire market but yes, Arabian Desert Dubai Tour Agency is one of the best choices which you can ever make while thinking about your trip to Dubai. It is an agency which can offer you discovering the beauty and customs of the Desert Safari Dubai in a comfortable and more luxurious way with a lot of fun and excitement. It is one of the best and highly recommended agencies where you can get the proper pickup facility from your own destination whether you are at your home, office or somewhere else. It has a professional team of experts who are always engaged in improving their services so as to offer you a warm welcome. Our highly proficient services can provide you-

  • Pickup from any location
  • Dune Bashing, Belly Dance, Tanoura Show, Camel Riding,
  • Welcome Snacks
  • Live Shows by the professionals
  • BBQ Dinner
  • Henna Tattooing/Painting
  • Cleaned Washrooms
  • Sunset photography
  • Arabic Folk Dance and much more

Don’t you want to experience these amazing activities during your Dubai Trip? If so, then what are you waiting? Just opt for the most reputed and topmost company named as Arabian Desert Dubai Tour Agency and make your Dubai Tour more special with a lot of memories.

Top 10 Desert Safari Deals in Dubai | Desert Safari Dubai

Top 10 Desert Safari Deals in Dubai | Desert Safari Dubai
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Top 10 Desert Safari Deals

Top 10 desert safari deals in Dubai is something very special and very different, compared to various desert Safari tour hosted by different countries, across the globe. Normally, a desert safari is just an add on but when in Dubai this safari cannot be missed. A tough sandy drive across the desert with options to camp in the evenings or nights can make this event even more interesting and exciting. Depending on the organizer or deal you select, Dubai top 10 desert safari deals you select can become even more fun-filled and exciting.

Top 10 desert safari deals

We list below the top 10 Desert Safari Tour Operators in Dubai for you to identify the best deal –

  1. Arabian Desert Dubai

From the top 10 desert safari deals in Dubai, this is the one of the Best Desert Safari Tour Operator in Dubai. It is number one for its awesome services and the huge number of happy and satisfied customers, who have shared their experiences on several social media platforms. Arabian Desert Dubai has a lot of options at disposal for its customers. From a huge list of SUV cars to select for safari to the option Quad biking the desert by yourself, all potential Safari needs and desires can be easily addressed.

Availability of Hummer car, veg food, BBQ grills, snacks, photography arrangements, camel rides, and various other entertainment facilities make the safari very complete and an adventure to remember for life. Mind you, all these come at a very affordable price tag too.

  1. Ammar Tours

The second in the list closely competes with Arabian Desert Dubai. There are very few desert safari organizers in Dubai who are even near these two organizers in the current scenario. To say the least, these two are your actual options for the best desert safari in the world. Ammar Tours provide a pickup from any point in Dubai using a 4×4 wheel drive. There are tons of entertainment options accompanied with world class arrangements for food & other eventful activities.

The drivers are very polite and professional. The arrangements are awesome too. We recommend considering one amongst Ammar or Arabian for memorable desert safari experience in Dubai.

  1. Rayna Tours

Rayna Tour is on the third number with very efficient services. It provides punctual services with courteous & friendly employees or service providers. The travel guides or drivers are very knowledgeable and the tour is well organized with minimum hiccups & inconveniences.

  1. Arabian Adventures

With a well-organized adventure course accompanied with the desert safari in Dubai, Arabian Adventures is on number 4 in top 10 desert safari deals list. It is slightly pricey and suites the people looking for luxury experience in the desert. There are many offers rolling on the site, which can make for a good deal.

  1. Happy Tours

The package is very affordable and Happy Toursdesert safari is satisfactory too. However, the pickup and drop facility is a mess. The employees have a very less idea of the route or about Dubai in general, which makes it one of travel tour companies to avoid.

  1. North Tours

North Tours like the top two provide for a ‘Dune Bashing’ activity which is a lot of fun. This activity that lasts for about 30-40 minutes is included in most of the North Tour’s desert safari, which is good. Overall, it is a good option for a desert safari in Dubai.

  1. Oceanair Travels

Oceanair travels has a reason to be in the 7th place. The vehicles are not so clean and the arrangements are not so sound. This makes the trip slightly more adventurous! This a budget trip that has a lot of compromises on the facility and arrangement front.

  1. Mercury Travel

The tour package offered by Mercury Travel which comes in the list of top 10 desert safari deals might seem cost-effective but there are very few activities included in the same. The option for 4-wheeler ride is good but it costs a little extra beyond the package charges. All other facilities on offer are satisfactory.

  1. Platinum Heritage

Platinum Heritage largely arranges for luxury tours and is quite expensive by nature too. Heritage collection of some gorgeous vehicles, hot air balloons, and other personalized options call for an awesome desert safari in Dubai.

  1. Phoenix Desert Safari

Phoenix desert safari has a wide array of options in terms of package and there are a lot of freebies also added based on the type of package selected, which is always very good from a customer point of view. There are standard pickup and drop points beyond which one must make self-arrangements. The prices drop as the number of people increase and overall it is quite pocket-friendly and satisfactory.

The best time to have a desert safari is either in the evening or in the night. Dubai evening desert safari is a better option as you can incorporate some great activities of the morning and relish the events of the night too. So, when planning for Dubai, do not miss out on the lovely, adventurous and fun-filled Dubai evening desert safari.

Evening Desert Safari with Quad Bike at ArabianDesertDubai

Evening Desert Safari with Quad Bike at ArabianDesertDubai
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Evening desert safari

The Arabian Desert holds a great beauty and charming atmosphere that draws many to this wonderful place. Most of these are tourists and travelers who seek to know world’s each and every secret which is hidden from them. As soon as the sun sets and paves the way for the bright moon and stars, this desert becomes even more spectacular beauty to withhold. And if Evening desert safari with quad biking comes into play with all this then your experience becomes memorable and a delightful.

Dubai trip will be incomplete without trying out the most famous Evening Desert Safari and Quad Biking. Pick your tour from any of the desert Safari trips according to your convenience. Evening Desert Safari Dubai, Desert Camping, Dune Bashing, Morning, Overnight or Evening Desert Safari is few such safaris you can choose from. Arabian cultural buffet along with henna painting and camel ride will give you a memorable experience. Quad bikes at evening desert safari are another perfect adventure activity that makes more entertainment to this thrilling package. Most famous thing is to watch traditional dance with a sheesha pipe by your side.

Quad Bike Safari at Evening Desert Safari

Experience the excitement of driving through Dubai’s red sand dunes on an Adventure Evening desert safari perfect choice for the outdoor lovers. You will be picked up from your hotel in Dubai and transported to the tour starting point. Stop for a breather and soft refreshments before you set off again. This Evening desert safari is suited to the discerning outdoor venture enthusiast and nature lover.

Enjoy an adrenaline-charged drive through the glorious and red sand dunes of Dubai on the Quad Biking Dubai. Weave through the trackless desert and tackle the high and low dunes on this tour.

The only time when a person takes the full advantage of its Dubai tour is when he or she does quad bike safari in Dubai. And if this was happening in the evening while the beautiful orange sun bestows its rays on the shining sand then a never forgetting experience is rendered. A quad bike with Dubai Desert Safari is a toast to every adventurer’s thirst which alone can quench your adrenaline rush.

A quad bike at Evening desert safari is a four wheeler vehicle which is suitable for all terrains. Surprisingly this is the only vehicle that is easy to learn and less prone to accidents. We make sure that each of our clients is given a proper briefing about the working of the bike along with safety equipment lectures. As in when the presentation finishes one can take control of their fully- automated quad bike in the evening desert safari of Dubai. Feeling the vivid experience as the guide leads through challenging up to down sand dunes. Later we may proceed towards the camp where one is welcomed in the authentic Arabic tradition. One may enjoy the camel rides along with henna painting, sheesha (traditional Arabic drinks), barbecue dinner, tanoura dance and belly dance and fire dance, too after your evening desert safari.

Please mark that the minimum age for driving the quad bike is 15yrs. certain equipment like the Helmet for safety purpose as well as the goggles to avoid sand going into the eyes will be provided there itself. A disclaimer shall be signed against damage or injury. Also, it needs to be taken into account that this is just a fun sports activity and not a racing event. The calmness and sureness shall not be destroyed. Customization Evening Desert safari packages are available for larger groups by offering additional Dubai evening desert safari activities.

One can explore the night-time secrets of this golden, sandy paradise in the morning as well as during the sunset time. If this is done along quad biking the whole scenario changes. We are well known to establish safari packages that don’t poke a hole in the client’s pockets. One can unleash the daredevil within himself with an exhilarating round of dune bashing on the quad bike. Along with this one can enjoy sand boarding and other evening activities. After all the hard work there are facilities of unlimited refreshments at the site itself. They provide soft as well as cold drinks, tea coffee and traditional Arabic drinks. There are also arrangements made for the tourists to enjoy distinctive Arabic traditions with artistic photography along with wearing the conventional clothing. One can adorn their body with intricately designed henna tattoos. You can also grab the chance to try a different mode of transportation with a FREE camel ride! Come evening, prepare to be amazed by stunning performances from some of the most talented entertainers today! With our Evening Desert safari tour packages, you can enjoy live performances of belly dancing and traditional fire show, and tanoura shows.

4×4 Desert Safari Dubai with Live Entertaining Shows

4×4 Desert Safari Dubai with Live Entertaining Shows
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Dubai is a destination place for every person. It is a dream place where everybody wants to visit as Dubai is the fastest developing place in the world. Adventure, entertainment, and full enjoyment are there in Dubai. Your single hard earned penny will be not wasted if you invested here. We will give you the best experience. Desert safari in Dubai will provide the endless fun.


4x4 Desert Safari Dubai | Arabian Desert Dubai

Watching the shows in the theater is a regular and shared thing but watching a live show is a different and unusual thing. Live entertainment shows will give you the positive vibes. It provides you with the real pleasure and real entertainment. People go Dubai for the fun and joy. Live entertainment shows are the best source of fun and joy. Live Entertainment Shows in Dubai are Belly Dancing and Tanura Show. Let’s have some facts about the Belling dancing. Belly dancing is the very famous dance form in Dubai. It will let you step up your feet and to dance with the music. The Belly dancing show always starts in the night under thousand of stars. A glass of drink in hand, having dinner and watching this show live gives an experience which is better than anything. Watching a different dance form other than your country will give you the excitement as well.

Tanura in English means skirt. It is very common dance form in this country. It is usually performed by the Sufi’s man on the Sufi music. In our Dubai desert safari, you will be relaxed with the belly dance and the Tanura dance. We will also offer you snacks and coffee during the show. Our dancers are the best dancer, and they can spin for 30 minutes without any sign of discomfort. This unusual dance form will give you the moments which you will remember in your life.

Dubai desert Safari Deals

These are the live shows which will give you an unforgettable experience and tons of lovely moments. Live shows give you the live experience and lots of sweet memories. Desert safari Dubai in itself is a very enjoyable and adventures activity. It is full of enjoyment and full of exciting activities. You will see different things here and learn their culture also. Riding in the desert, watching the wilderness of the desert and writing names on the sand through the fingers, these are the tiny things which make you euphoric. Sitting under the bright sky, away from the technology, tension free mind, just enjoyment. Is there anything better than this?

Dancing and watching will make you relaxed and tension free. We are here with many live shows which certainly blow your mind and gives you the best experience of the life. Dubai desert safari with the live shows gives you an unbelievable experience. Belly dancing, Tanura dance, fire dance, and falcon these are the live shows which you will not get anywhere. Experience the sitting of the falcon on your arms. Watch the fire play with the beat. See the beautiful spinning in the Tanura dance and finally the belly dancing. All these things you will get in the Desert Safari Deals at Arabian Desert Dubai. These are the things that you should experience in any Dubai desert safari tour packages. Without the live shows, your adventures journey will be incomplete. We will offer you the whole at a very low price which is adorable by anyone. So what you are waiting. Come and enjoy.

Morning Desert Safari Dubai – Thrilling experience awestruck and amazed

Morning Desert Safari Dubai – Thrilling experience awestruck and amazed
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The Arabian Desert has a certain pull to it. It calls out to you, reaches to you and grabs you in a tight embrace that you would never want to let go. It’s a place where time stands still, and you are standing amidst of something so beautiful and fulfilling that will leave a mark on your heart which will probably be hard to erase off. So, if you’re planning a tour in Dubai and have not integrated The Desert Safari in your literary, you might want to rethink, upon the great adventure you’ll be missing out.

There are several options you could choose from Desert Camping, Morning, Evening or Overnight Desert Safari. If you have your evenings pre-booked for some other purposes, and decide to go for the ‘Dubai Morning Desert Safari,’ you are in for a real delight when the sun has just risen and blissfully kissed the desert, making the sand glow brighter than gold, setting a great pedestal for several treasured memories.

Mroning Desert Safari Deals in Dubai

The Dubai Morning Desert Safari typically begins at 9 in the morning, and this package includes:

  • Pick up from hotel
  • Dune Bashing
  • Camel Safari (Optional)
  • Sand Boarding (or Skiing)
  • Quad Biking (Optional)

You will be picked up from your hotel in Dubai and transported to the tour starting point. The immense adventure starts with Dune Bashing – A fleet of 4x4 Land cruisers maneuvered by professionals, hustling through the vibrant dunes of the desert and picking up speed to match your growing confidence. After 45 minutes of this heart-throbbing experience, you can move forward to the camp, where other gushing adventures await you.

At the camp, there are arrangements made for Camel Ride, Quad Biking Dubai.

The Camel Safari is the most authentic mode to trace back the footsteps of Bedouin travelers. It’s akin to traveling back in time, you get to experience the ‘Traditional UAE’ and truly observe the never-ending Landscape of fiery sand, glimmering like gold. Soon after this, you can move on to the other activities on your list: ‘Quad Biking and Sand Boarding,’ these commotions are for the real adventurer in you, impatient to break out.

Desert Safari Deals Dubai

Your Desert Safari tour is incomplete without Quad Biking. Its sole purpose is to render your heart gushing with blood and leave an imprint upon it, deep enough to last a lifetime. There’s nothing like the adrenaline rush you feel while Quad Biking on the ever-shifting sand dunes of the desert. It’s that ineffable experience, which you certainly don’t want to leave out of your tour.

Later, you carry on with the same ‘adventurer’ spirit for yet another thrilling sport: ‘Sand Boarding.’ It is similar to snowboarding except it takes place on a sand dune, involves sliding down or across it with both feet strapped to a board AND is much easier. It is our guide’s duty to find you a peaceful sand dune high enough to make your fun last longer. After every run down from the sand dune, you get a ride with a dune buggy back to the top (though you might want to stop for a couple of drink breaks in between). This activity marks the end of a spectacular tour.

Safety: In activities like these, your safety if our first and foremost concern. The professional and skilled guides will adequately brief you about the working of the Quad Bike Dubai and provide you with the appropriate safety gears like the Helmet and Goggles (included in the package). Both these sports are less prone to accidents and quite easy to learn.

Please mark the minimum age for Quad Biking in 15 years, and a disclaimer shall be signed against any damage and injuries. Also, it needs to be taken into account that this is just a fun sports activity and not a racing event. The calmness and sureness shall not be destroyed.

Customizable Morning Desert Safari Dubai packages are available for larger groups by offering additional Dubai safari activities.

In the end, you will be saying good-bye to the fun, but taking a thousand memories along with you. Also, after the tour, you will be transported back to your hotel, or you could carry on with other activities you have planned for the day.

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